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All our food is made fresh and replenished daily.
We have a range of seasonal menus available and work closely with each client to provide the best range for their environment.
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flexible, consumer-friendly tech
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Tossed is London's leading healthy food operator, with 34 stores and a growing reach in healthy, fresh vending machines.
Tossed partnered with Aeguana to deliver a world-class automated retail solution, enabling our customers to purchase what they want, when they want.
The machine finish is customisable - choose from one of the five house wraps or design your own for an additional charge.
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Machine Technology
Machine technology
Full ingredient list with nutritional breakdown
Allergen information clearly displayed
Dynamic discounts and promotions offered as standard including waste management
Social media integration and gamification available
Mobile phone app rewards loyalty (extra charge applies)
Temperatures are controlled to within half a degree to ensure food sold is stored at its optimum temperature
Stock levels report back to the production store on a real time basis so that stock outs can be replenished
The technical support team receive live data, enabling a response time of four hours for a first visit
Our service
Our service
Replenishing and stock-check visits are daily as a minimum
Mis-vend refunds are provided automatically
Support helpdesk available.
our promise
We always ensure our service is running at it's best. We have a dedicated team monitoring each machine, looking out for any sign of a fault, mis-vends or anything else that could affect the experience of buying healthy, fresh food from us.
Our 4 hour response time is the best in the industry, and will ensure your machine is always in top shape.
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At the moment we cover Central London as we service the machines through our network of stores. That said, we're expanding rapidly, so it's always worth enquiring to see if we can provide a service in your area.
Please contact us using the form below and we’ll get in touch with you. Because we are supplying fresh food daily, we have a minimum set of criteria to be met before we can install a machine, but we will look to tailor our offer to suit your environment.
All you need is a power socket and a square meter; we’ll do the rest. Our machines are small, compact, designed to fit just about anywhere. Of course, we’ve made them very attractive too and we wouldn't want to be hidden away in a corner. But as long as we have a power connection, and cellular signal (on any network) we're good to go.
Very fresh. Our machines are replenished daily. Yes, daily. This is essential to our mission of supplying healthiest, tastiest, freshest food. Don't believe us? You'll see our team of friendly staff popping in and out every day just stop them and say hi.
We're about healthy, fresh food, so there's limits to what we'll sell, even if we really like you! However, we can adapt our range depending on requirements. We offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options as standard.
We're constantly monitoring every machine, and if anything goes wrong we'll send someone out straightaway. If your users don't receive what you've paid for, our machines will automatically refund you. In some very rare cases where we can't, we'll automatically generate and give you a voucher for the same value in return of course, your users can always give us a call and we'll happily refund you in that instance as well.
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